Wednesday, May 19, 2010

♥ New Vintage Cabochons!

I just adore these vintage Cabochons! I had been looking around to purchase these for sometime and I finally found a supplier that holds them.

Lucite (also known as acrylic) Dahlia/rose vintage cabochons are now in my store in three beautiful color combinations, ‘Salmon, Ivory and Pink.’ Each cab is complete with intricate petal detail.

The sky is the limit when designing jewelry with these. They are so inspiring.
Glue them onto ring blanks, ear post, or bobby pins. I have even seen people adorn them onto lockets.

- Ree ♥


Heather Chow said...

They are too pretty :D I love the roses

ZoeAndBruno said...

Thanks Heather!

I know, I am so glad I purchased the roses. I almost decided not too.

I do have salmon and pink roses yet to arrive. Hopefully I will see them in the next week. =)

- Ree

lyptis said...

Ive seen on quite a few jewellery pieces, im sure they will be popular!:)

ZoeAndBruno said...

Hey Lyptis,

I reckon hey, there has been loads of jewellery with them applied.
I hope they stay unique, but I hope they don't disappear either.