Wednesday, March 9, 2011

♥ When One Door Closes Another One Opens...

An online friend of mine has recently decided to close one of her online businesses. When reading her blog post, it really hit close to home.

I had my own jewellery business (JewelRee) for about 4 years before I decided that selling beads, maybe a more viable and profitable business.

I think for sometime I was in denial. I was also experiencing anxiety and maybe a small amount of depression. I knew I was competing in a saturated market and I also knew collecting beads was my first love.
The rule I had created in my head was, ‘You can’t sell beads if you no longer create jewellery.’
I no longer had the passion to create. The competitive nature this world has killed my love for making and selling jewellery.

It wasn’t until an online friend of mine; Jenna Appleton who gave me some friendly advice... that I realized I had to do what my heart wanted, not my head. She had said to me, ‘to really make an income in a saturated jewelry market, it wouldn’t hurt to sell beads too.’

Even though I had an opportunity to sell both, I soon realized my love for beads was much greater.
As they say, 'sometimes when one door closes another one opens.'

Although my jewellery business is not officially closed, I haven’t been selling either. But to this day I have never looked back. All my time and energy now goes into a new business which exists because of my knowledge and the learning experience I gained from my first.
I never gave up, I just decided to explore other options.

It just shows, you never know what opportunities arise when you believe in what your heart wants and not your head. You also make your own rules.

Don’t assume because you have decided to finish something, you have failed. Sometimes it is just the beginning...

- Ree

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