Wednesday, August 31, 2011

♥ Embracing Life

Photo Credit - CassiaBeck

Today I was given another article from my dad, who continues to show his support by giving me inspirational articles to read.

The article reads the following;

'Too often the everyday stresses and struggles of life drag us away from the things that make life fun. These may be family travel, or the simple pleasure of gardening. In the fast-paced 24/7 world, it can take real discipline and commitment to make sure that we take the time out to do what we really enjoy.

Like with many other things in our lives, having fun can take some planning. First of all, we need to discover what it is that makes us tick - where our passions and pleasures lie. Once this is figured out, we need to think about what we'll need to achieve this.

1. Prioritize - We often spend too much effort on the things we think need to be done, but which could probably be done less frequently. Think about shifting your priorities so that things that make you happy are a priority and not an afterthought.

2. Take small steps - It may not be possible to get where you want to be straight away. Try to set smaller goals along the way to keep yourself motivated.

3. Be disciplined - Competing demands will inevitably make enjoying life difficult from time to time. Try to make sure that even when times are tough you still find the time to enjoy yourself, even just a little' - Source unknown.

- Ree ♥

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