Monday, May 11, 2009

♥ New Beads Have Started To Appear!

Peach Pear Dual Coated Berry Leaves
Originally uploaded by ZoeAndBruno / JewelRee

These are just some of the amazing new colors and assortment of beads I have appearing within my store. I will be hopefully purchasing more beads more regularly, so keep checking my store for a continuous restock! I'm hoping to double my inventory in the coming months. =)

- Ree ♥

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Fallen Angel Designs said...

Hi there Ree, I am one of your repeat customers from Etsy, I love the pic of the beads in this postin. So glad to have found your blog, I am now following it! I love your beautiful shop, your excellent friendly customer service and your gorgeous, gorgeous beads!! In fact the last post on my blog is about my Secrets and Romance Locket Necklace that is made with your olivine AB beads on the chain, and I have just made a necklace using the Beige Czech flowers and the Opaque Champagne Luster beads that I purchased from you last time! I will have to head over and buy some more, I love getting your parcels as they are always gorgeously packaged, it's like getting a present!
Thnaks for everything,