Thursday, March 31, 2011

♥ Who Has Surprisingly Inspired You?

I was thinking this morning, it’s not often you hear of musicians or celebrities sharing their times before they were successful (or in the eye of the public I should say). What did they had to give up when money didn’t always grow on trees?

Photo Credit - BraveMoonman

So often I read Etsy success stories of how one business came about and what risk they implemented to make their dreams come true. I always find the peoples stories so inspiring and also a great motivation tool for myself.

So who has inspired me? When this thought came to me this morning, I instantly thought of one of my favourite bands, ‘One Republic.’

Once when reading there bio, I remember the lead singer stating that at the age of 21, he quit his day job at a Pottery Barn warehouse and sold his car so he could buy recording equipment. To me, I find that inspiring. And so many artist/celebrities forget where they came from. Their sacrifices which have defined who they are today.

So, I thought I would make a blog post on my thoughts about their bio. Not only are they a good band, but because they shared their early experiences it shows them on a more personal level, leaving only positive thoughts in my mind. Great for any business really to share their beginnings in their bio/profiles.

Who has surprisingly inspired you?

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