Saturday, July 23, 2011

♥ Good Things In Life Never Come Easy.

Photo Credit - Sparksoffire

My dad bought home a news paper article the other day with some positive words of wisdom which I thought I would share...

"I've come to realise that, without motivation, goals can remain pipe dreams.
You need to care about and really want a certain outcome, then pour your heart and soul into achieving it.

I've seen in others, and learnt myself, that the human body can endure more and perform better than we give it credit for. But it's not the body working alone. The body is just the nail being driven in; the mind is the hammer, the driving force that will push a person far beyond their own expectations and on to success.

I think what stops some people is that they fear the act instead of focusing on the outcome. Only occasionally does my mind let go and I catch myself thinking "what if?" But then I give myself a mental upper-cut.
Life is here to be lived. And with the right attitude and willingness to deal with the hurdles. it really can be bloody awesome!" - Source unknown.

A great article for those in indie or like-minded businesses.

- Ree ♥


JacBer said...

A good article to have at hand when the motivation wains :-)

ZoeAndBruno said...

It certainly is. This one is going on my pin board. =)