Monday, August 1, 2011

What Is Aperture You Say?

Photo Credit - Kevin&Amanda

Well I have had my SLR camera for just over a year and it is only now I have taken the time out to really learn what my camera is capable of.

For some time, I have only been using the auto settings to take photographs of my beads.
As the naive armature I am, I didn’t realise how important shutter speed and aperture were.

Just to clarify, shutter speed determines how sharp your photos will turn out.
Aperture defines the detail or the area you would prefer to focus on.
Large apertures (low f numbers) reduce the depth of felid blurring the background behind and in front of the object. Small aperture (high f numbers) can increase depth of field focusing on the picture in whole.
Both settings come together to create a better photo.

It seems large aperture (low f numbers) are better for my etsy store, to blur the background and show the detail of the beads I have on offer, whereas small aperture is perfect for portraits or landscapes to bring all that’s to be seen into focus.

I'm looking forward to photographing my latest bead order now!

- Ree ♥

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